The Creativity Conference focuses on the quintessential experience of creation. We anticipate engaging with a wide breadth of the public, including managers hoping to learn more about human nature and ways to inspire their teams, technologists working on new designs and conveying concepts to their colleagues, designers seeking to expand their horizons and incorporate new ways of thinking into their creative output, teachers, parents, engineers, VCs, and accountants.

• What is Creativity? •


• How can our ideas be made manifest in a way that is impactful? •



• How can we define the future by creating it? • What does it mean to be original? •


• How do important words like care, compassion, kindness,


and nobility change our perception of the creative process? •


The three of the conference days will include so many presentations and experiences - delegates are free to choose the way they will explore the theme of creativity.


Some presentations will be more philosophical, some will be more practical, including performance art, photography classes, VR experiences, film showings, in-depth explorations of creativity in technology and science, creative costume design, the psychology of creativity, live music performances, live original music creation and development, live sculpture demonstrations, exploring the psychology of color in film and television, drone flying training, live painting demonstrations, interactive discussion groups, professional collaboration guidance, inspiring color, light, and sound environments, and more.


Delegates will spend three days exploring many aspects of creativity in the search for their own unique voice and path to expression. As you can tell from the list of experiences, this is not one single type of creativity that delegates will learn about - they are joining the conference to learn about creativity itself.

After each day of presentations and experiences, delegates will choose between an evening of music or film, and the closing night party will be an opportunity for delegates to share ideas, celebrate creativity, and maybe even dance...

... And after the conference, delegates will be full of ideas, workflows, approaches to their own creative work - whether this is painting, parenting, manufacturing or managing - and ready to be originators even greater of change.

We hope to see delegates return every year for a boost to their creativity in this world apart. There are many reasons to arrive early and leave late and we anticipate many new friendships will form during this meeting between members of an ever-increasing family of creators.

23rd - 25th 

September 2020

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