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For more than 20 years, Dell Precision has been delivering innovative, high-performance workstations to meet the needs of creators and designers. As a result, Precision is recognized as the #1 workstation brand in the world. From award-winning filmmakers and animators to architects and engineers, our expansive portfolio enables you to customize your workstation for your creative expertise.


Your vision knows no bounds with the power of a Precision behind your biggest projects. With a range of scalable workstation solutions—including mobile, tower and rack workstations—featuring Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics, there’s a Precision to turn any impossibility into a reality.


Dell partners with multiple creative software providers to solve today’s most complex problems in Media and Entertainment computing. By providing certification with Adobe Creative Cloud and many others Dell Precision Workstations are tested to ensure that the high-performance applications you work with every day, run smoothly and reliably.


Supporting aspiring artists and industry professionals alike, the NVIDIA Studio platform supercharges your creative process. Our industry-leading GPUs, paired with our exclusive driver technology, enhance your creative apps with a level of performance and ability that is nothing short of inspiring. With NVIDIA Studio empowering your workflows, you’re free to realize your most ambitious projects yet.

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When you’re in creative flow, the last thing you want is to be distracted by technology issues. The best computers for creatives let you focus on achieving the colors, images, sounds, motion, and magic that bring your ideas to life.

Intel®-powered devices for designers and other creatives empower you to transfer art files, render graphics, output a rough cut, or master a symphony smoothly. Spend time drawing at your favorite café, wow clients with on-site presentations, finish editing your first feature film—all with technologies designed from the inside out to offer the speed and flexibility you need to accomplish your creative goals and meet deadlines confidently.