The Creativity Conference is made possible by a world-class team of creative experts


We thought about the kind of conference we would wish to attend, and made that!

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Conference Director

Maxim Jago is a multi-award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, author, consultant futurist, and public speaker. He’s the author of some of the standard texts used by film schools around the world, as well as books and articles exploring emerging technology and trends. He’s also well known for his online and public training courses in film production and post-production.

As a consultant futurist, Maxim provides support and perspective on developments for several media and technology organizations. He’s Chief Innovation Officer for the film distribution company FilmDoo, and Chief Futurist for Core.Live.

Having directed over 30 short films, and two feature films, winning awards as a director and screenwriter, he's a regular speaker at film festivals and media technology conferences such as Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Raindance, TIFF, NAB, IBC, BVE and SxSw.

Maxim brings far-reaching experience and understanding to the future of advanced technology for creativity and storytelling.

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Conference Manager

Robin is a senior convention education manager, senior meeting planner, and speaker care expert. She has over 16 plus years’ experience having started her career managing conferences and exhibits in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has spent the last eight years in Washington DC managing conference Call for Speakers process, session content, and providing speaker care for more than 1,200 speakers in person and virtually. 


Outside of this, Robin has been an independent travel agent for more than 15 years. Being a travel agent has provided her with logistics experience in group events such as poetry conferences, music festivals, and incentive travel throughout the world. Having traveled extensively herself, she still has quite the bucket list. 


Public Relations

Inspired by a class dissertation on The Lord of the Rings, Dirk wrote his first novel – an adult science fantasy story – at age 11. It got published to critical acclaim 3 years later, making Dirk Belgium’s youngest author ever and earning him his city’s Medal of Cultural Merit. This opened a lot of doors for him and Dirk became Regional Director of the Role-Playing Game Association for Belgium at age 15.

Dirk continued to hone his writing skills as a journalist, columnist, critic and editor for more than two dozen print and online magazines, while he also wrote two more novels in English. He was hired to do ghostwriting on two film scripts, as well as writing the film script and the entire audio play for Modiphius Entertainment’s huge Achtung! Cthulhu franchise. 


While doing all of this, Dirk started his own PR bureau, Badass PR (definitely ask him about the name!), mainly handling public relations for films, TV series, and the hospitality business. With Badass Intensive Courses and Badass Intensive Acting Studios, he also teaches acting (for film & TV), improv, singing, presentation & debating techniques, communication, lie detection, hypnosis, directing, and writing.



Icelandic Local Project Management

Einar has a B.Sc. in Image Science from Westminster University. After his studies he was employed to set up a Department of Medical Illustration at the National Hospital in Iceland. After going private 3 years late he was soon running The Photography Processing Lab in Iceland with a staff of 17. The processing lab had very diverse projects in addition to high quality film processing. Large exhibit prints and multi-visual slide shows with sound and narration are just a couple of examples. It was then he met foreign photographers when they brought their landscape photography films for processing. He was inspired by the guests eyes of those photographers. It was then he got the dream to build a festival in Iceland, similar to “Arles Les Recontres de la Photography”, but with focus on nature photography. The project was simply named FocusOnNature. It was not easy to launch such project in 1990. In 1995 he sold the photo processing lab and went fully digital, specialising in scanning, digital image processing and Digital Asset Management. 

When the financial crash hit Iceland 2008 he decided to follow his dreams. He pulled out the FocusOnNature project and started setting up and administrating photography workshops in Iceland with renown American instructors. Same year he became an Adobe Partner & Influencer.  

Today Einar is the CEO of an Adobe Gold Certified Reseller company he founded 2012. He has continued to be involved in various projects, production exhibit prints, colour grading proofs for printing of photography books and photography exhibits. He was the Technical Producer of the Iceland Revealed, two years Smithsonian Museum photography exhibit. He also oversaw lay outing and printing off the book published in relationship to the Smithsonian exhibit. In February 2015 he vas the liaison with the Icelandic Civil Protection Institution to get accepted and all permits for ABC to broadcast live via satellite for Good Morning America from the volcano eruption Holuhraun up in the highlands of Iceland during mid winter.  With a team of 37, both technicals, administrator and a talent from ABC, local experts and selected rescue service individuals he was responsible for getting 1 tons of equipment to the volcano site and all execution of the whole project which was immensely successful.



Creative Consultant

Abby was quite simply the glue that held together the entire inaugural Creativity Conference in January 2021. Her creative designs, social outreach, inspiration and energy drove the whole project and made The Creativity Conference possible.

Performing in an array of West End Shows, including Billy Elliot, Matilda and Oliver, Abby has relished in the joys of the creative industry from a young age. Recently graduating from UCL with a BSc in Anthropology, her passions invite studying humanity in all its material, cultural and technological aspects.

Since her appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, she went on to Direct numerous plays at UCL. Having worked with Pearson Education and Debatemate, co-leading a Debating programme at the Bamboo Schools in Nepal, her interests lie in watching young people flourish creatively in education.

Co-founding the start-up Humble Warrior Elixirs during her first two years of University, Abby’s experience stretches across varied fields, aiming to bring enthusiasm and light to every corner.



Assistant Manager

Aidan is a filmmaker and photographer from Derbyshire, England. He attended the Raindance and Cannes Film Festivals in 2021; has directed and produced short films with the BFI, IET, Arts Council England and many other organisations, as well as professional editing for a number of content creators on YouTube, and running his own channel on the platform. He has gained substantial experience by assisting on shoots with the BBC, Army, Off The Fence Productions, and local filmmakers, and aspires to work in the film industry in the future.


Outside of filmmaking, he is also a qualified drone pilot, percussionist, actor, writer and runner. He currently studies Geography at the University of Manchester.


Aidan can be found online @aidan.rhode and at www.aidanrhode.com

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Creative Assistant

Maddie is an enthusiastic researcher, conference and events producer. She is the president of the UK-Japan Student Conference, a space for cross-cultural pollination and a liberal discussion hub for issues facing future leaders. Previous editions delved into nuclear weapons and climate change, while UK-JP 2021 will explore ethics and technology. She has worked with the Battle of Ideas, Europe’s biggest debating festival numbering over 100 sessions and 400 speakers.

Her passions pivot around grassroots politics, inequality, and human wellbeing — topics evident in her research interests. In the past, she has studied urban sustainability in East London community gardens. An Anthropology graduate from UCL, her dissertation analysed Britain’s democratic legitimacy from the vantage point of climate activists. She is currently working with Imperial College to develop a guided journal supporting young people’s mental health during crises such as climate change and Covid-19.



Conference Host

Sarah is a 2021 UCSB graduate with an honors degree in Communication, originally from Los Angeles and pursuing a career in Public Relations and Marketing. She is an experienced storyteller who values collaboration and creativity.


Sarah has successfully executed work-related goals, which include planning exclusive events for brands and talent in Cannes, France during the Cannes Film Festival. She brings new ideas to the table and is passionate about creating meaningful relationships and maintaining a fun work environment.

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Conference Host

Natalie Graham is a recent graduate from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Journalism. She is originally from Princeton, NJ, but is currently traveling around the world in hopes to meet new people and experience different cultures.


In her free time, she loves to read romantic novels, discover new music, and participate in long walks with her puppy. She recently attended the Cannes Film Festival and says that it was the most memorable experience of her life. Natalie is extremely excited to be a host for the Creativity Conference and looks forward to hearing all the speakers! 

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Conference Host

John Hinton is a folk musician from East Anglia, UK. He has had a passion for folk music since first going to Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2015. 


John first learnt piano but has now widened his repertoire to guitar, fiddle, octave mandola, whistle and more. He is also part of the 2019-21 cohorts of the National Youth Folk Ensemble.



Conference Host

Maeve McGovern has grown up performing folk music both locally in Manchester and globally, with friends and as a member of EFDSS’ National Youth Folk Ensemble in 2017-2020. 


As well as being involved in the music world in a variety of genres, Maeve has also worked on many film sets as a camera operater, writer and director. She is a free-lance videographer, recently working on multiple projects with Ambedo Productions and others. Since being a member of the 2019 BFI Film Academy, Maeve has gone on to recently complete an 8-week-filmmaking course with the New York Film Academy before she begins her degree in Filmmaking at London Film Academy in September 2021.