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5 ways to unblock creative blocks

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Is lockdown blocking your creative streak?

A Fresh Perspective

Take a walk somewhere you have never done before. Drive or cycle to a new location. Open your eyes to familiar and distant sounds and smells that you run into. By shaking up your sensory awareness, you are creating new pathways in your mind for new creative streaks to emerge.

Make a new Morning Ritual

When you wake up in the morning, try making a new ritual. Try new stretches before you make coffee, learn names and patterns of plants by drawing them during breakfast, write a gratitude filled thought down that inspired you and place it next to your pillow to wake up to the thought. Mindfulness at the start of your day sits at the beating heart of creativity. So take time to move your body and your mind into different spaces by creating a new morning ritual.

Tap into your Subconscious

Relish in an unusual and simple skill for 10 minutes. Draw with your other hand, paint on a limb of your body, meditate in a noisy uncomfortable place or dance to a genre of music that shocks you. And then nap. Strange things happen in a semi-sleep state, when your unconscious takes over. Wake up and write down whatever was happening in the depths of your mind.

Go Against the Flow

Try to approach every question and challenge with the opposite of what everyone else would do. It might not be the direction you choose to take, but it can widen your paths into new perspectives that would have never taken. Encourage yourself to expand your mind and your horizons.

 The ability to push through a creative block is the hallmark of a creative essence 


Ask yourself, what is creativity for you? Why have you come to feel creative through this window. Turn to the people who inspire you most. Your favourite musician, close family members, teachers and nature. Watch what is in front of you.

We become jaded by life's beauty. Watch and listen to the soundscapes and simple, complex colours around you. Find beauty in the banal. Connect back to the creative sparks that make you feel a part of something greater than yourself.

Be collaborative and join the Creativity Conference online! Join creatives from all over the world in a global meeting of minds and explore ways to reinvigorate creativity for all!

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.


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