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How to stay creative in quarantine

In the midst of the madness, let your creative juices flow. Here are some ideas for how to stay creative in quarantine and to embrace creativity throughout all elements of your day.


Schedule in an hour of your day dedicated to embracing your creative flows. Choose a space for the hour and relish in this time to be your best creative self. Question, what does it mean to be creative? In amongst the online flurry of being furloughed, back to back online calls and feeling overloaded by screen time, embrace your flow.


Call people close and far from you. Vary your perspective and branch out into the minds of others. Have friends around to an outdoor space and paint in the park, make music in the garden, cook under the stars, take photographs to lay around your home office. During these small creative acts, pause, take a moment to question what desire resides in you to be creative?


Move around the spaces that are familiar to you. Become aware of the array of colours and textures that surround the space. This is a mindful practice that will inject an aware perspective of beauty into your mundane surrounding. Listen to the rustles, the silences, nourish your senses by tuning into different smells. Add essential oils to your desk, coloured candles and a bright coloured t-shirt attire to your office environment.


Take 5 minutes at the start and end of everyday to write a random creative thought. This can be as abstract and as non-sensical as you like. Write about your aunts best jewellery piece, the colour and texture of it and how it makes you feel when you touch it. Write on an animal that you have dreamt about or try to describe how people dream in different languages. Expand your mind and write off tangents. When you look back on your collection of thoughts at the end of the month, you will chuckle and surprise yourself for how expansive your mind can be.


Being in quarantine, in a home environment, means we are exposing ourselves less to the elements. Dance outside, in all wind, rain and shine. You will find yourself feeling childlike, but in this moment of madness, find your movements sitting at the essence of being your most creative self.

We at creativity conference seek to question: 

How can our ideas be made manifest in a way that is impactful?

How can we define the future by creating it? 

How do important words like care, compassion, kindness, and nobility change our perception of the creative process? 

Be collaborative and join the Creativity Conference online! Join creatives from all over the world in a global meeting of minds and explore ways to reinvigorate creativity for all!

Our diverse creative speakers have focused their lives on their creative journey. Our hope is that attendees will expand their horizons. By diversifying our perception of creativity, we increase the breadth of our work. Look out for new speakers being announced over the coming weeks!

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