Our countdown begins, 10 days to go!

Creatives from around the world are invited to join us on a journey of exploration - at our FREE CREATIVITY CONFERENCE to explore the essence of creativity in all its forms. Together, we will search for that elusive moment in which something truly original is brought into the world.

How do you find that state of mind, that feeling of flow, that lightning strike of inspiration?

To be creative…

... is not just a job title, it describes all human beings finding expression in new ideas and impactful ways to convey them to the world. To be creative is to be a changemaker - Be it by painting or parenting, trailblazing or teaching.

Our Schedule has been released! JOIN US at our FREE Creativity Conference - an online experience taking place online 22-24 January 2021!

This week we are celebrating our music string


Music tells your heart how to feel. Speakers for The Creativity Conference will explore, demonstrate, and deconstruct this powerful experiential medium


Find out more about our talks at:

Creativity Competition


JOIN US TODAY for our 1-minute Creativity Competition

Your competition submission could be ANYTHING CREATIVE, be it a poem, a photograph, a painting, a song, a piece of filmed choreography, photos of a sculpture - anything that you can share online.

To enter, post your entry on a social media platform of your choice and include the following text in your post. Full competition details here:

You can submit ANY kind of creative work.

There's just one limitation: It must be possible to experience your piece in under 1 minute

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