The Intrinsic Allure of Infinity

For this blog post, we have a guest writer!

Dr Gindi shares a fascinating exploration of Infinity as it informs their work as a sculptor.

You can find Dr Gindi here - and on Instragram @gindisculptor

The Intrinsic Allure of Infinity

By Dr Gindi, Sculptor

I am a German-Egyptian sculptor with an education in classical sculpting as well as medicine. The roots of my artistic understanding are closely tied to factuality and fallibilism: the world of facts and the tangible on the one hand. And possible doubts as to the truth of the belief on the other hand. And I aspire to show the embedded roots and inherent values—including all abysses, chasms, and lingering qualms—of the pieces I am sculpting.

My creations could potentially evoke an enigmatic universe, both in their shape and meaning. I have attempted to understand why certain phenomena appear as they are and why I interact with them in the manner I choose to.

The dichotomy that exists

I am perpetually drawn to all objects in my surroundings – from the seemingly nondescript to those of epic proportions. I observe them all closely, irrespective of whether they are ordinary or even uninteresting at first glance. These observations are all a potential source of inspiration. Visual stimuli come in myriad forms in life’s travels. It has made me a keener observer and allowed me to think more visually.

I would like to present today one of my most recent works: Immanent Conception of Infinity, a fired clay sculpture. An illusion of female figure reposes on the ground to explore the fabric of time and space. Birth is contained in life itself. Can everything that exists have neither a beginning nor an end? Without an end, would we then be treading along the periphery of immortality?

Some observers may find their attention drawn here to a paradoxical living system which self-referentially repeats itself, with no seeming beginning or end. Indeed, I am trying to illustrate the act of human beings permanently co-creating one another into existence. Are we in control of our own universe?

The scope of infinity

Infinity—as a term—is often used in many contexts. From a purely mathematical standpoint, numbers are infinite. In terms of explaining the vastness of the universe, it is again best described as infinite. Within the purview of human existence, do individuality and infinity conceive one another?

We live on to the extent that our actions continue to produce effects in the world even after we perish. This is perhaps the question that has dwelled in the minds of humanity all through the ages – of bequeathing a legacy. And this desire, in turn, stems from the innate human yearning to experience a sense of coherence, thus being perceived in all our entirety.

We are all bound together by the human question of origin and destiny. Over the years, my experience in both science and life has taught me that our existence and options are infinite – if we allow them to be.

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