Creatives from around the world are invited to join us on a journey of exploration at THE CREATIVITY CONFERENCE. Explore the essence of creativity in all its forms! Together, we will search for that elusive moment in which something truly original is brought into the world, when Inspiration becomes Manifestation!

How do you find that state of mind, that feeling of flow, that lightning strike of inspiration?

Explore new ideas, perspectives, and direct experiences in 105 live presentations and panels, and 3 keynotes with musicians, dancers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, fine artists, authors, and more. We will learn about the impact of technology, the purpose of poetry, inspiring environments, and extraordinary creative tools.

Begin each day with early morning mindfulness and Tai Chi, followed by in-person presentations and meetings, unique interior garden meeting spaces, and alternative realities in our Digital Experience room.

Delegates choose a unique angle through which they explore creativity: some presentations will be more philosophical, some practical, others will describe personal journeys to find an authentic creative voice. This is not an review of one type of creativity - it is a search for creativity itself.


The Creativity Conference does not focus on technology, techniques, workflows, business skills, branding, legal issues or social issues. There are other wonderful events that explore all of these.

We focus exclusively on inspiration and the manifestation of that inspiration as something truly original. Perhaps it's a new dance, a poem, a type of building, a song, sculpture or approach to breakfast - whatever it is, we ask our speakers to bare all and share their inner truths and the ways in which they turn them into experiences for the world.

Truly, the medium carries a message. How do our speakers choose a message worth dedicating a lifetime to? How do they translate a feeling into a movement, express a sentence with a pause, or withhold action as a positive act? What is it to be a creator?

Discover all of this in Reykjavík, Iceland, August 3-5 2022.

The Creativity Conference has 8 themes: Literature, Photography, Film TV and Games, Performing Arts, Music, Fine Art, Inspiration, and Digital Art Experiences

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... is not just a job title, it describes all human beings finding expression in new ideas and impactful ways to convey them to the world. To be creative is to be a changemaker - Be it by painting or parenting, trailblazing or teaching.


If there are nights that you cannot sleep until you have jotted that mark on the page, written the stanza, broken the mould, and changed someone’s mind, then you are a creative!