The Creativity Conference has 8 themes

Literature • Photography  • Film TV and Games  •  Performing Arts
•  Music  • Fine Art  •  Inspiration  •  Digital Art

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How do you find that state of mind, that feeling of flow, that lightning strike of inspiration?

Meet with hundreds of fellow creatives from around the world, share ideas, explore insights, and learn from extraordinary luminaries from multiple creative fields as they share their experiences while turning inspiration into manifestation. 

We see The Creativity Conference as a new annual pilgrimage for artists of all kinds, whether you are a business leader, poet, photographer, or parent nurturing your children to help them become everything they have the potential to be whatever your creative focus, attending will help you take your method to the next level.

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Attendees can expect to be invigorated, energised, and brought to a deeper understanding of the creative process and collaboration.

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Begin each day with early morning mindfulness and Tai Chi lessons, followed by in-person presentations and meetings, unique interior garden meeting spaces, and alternative realities in our Digital Experience room.

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Creatives from around the world are invited to join us on a journey of exploration to explore the essence of creativity in all its forms! 

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Explore new ideas, perspectives, and direct experiences in over 150 live sessions and keynotes, with world class musicians, dancers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, fine artists, authors, and more...


Attend our wonderful music night, movie night, and open mic night -all hosted at famous Reykjavik venues, including the Perlan Ice Museum and Gamla Bíó.

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AUGUST 3-5 2022


We will be live streaming all of the main conference for anyone who cannot get to Iceland. Accessing the sessions remotely will be wonderful, though nothing will compare to the spectacular in person event! We hope to see you there!


Why Iceland?

Situated between North America and Europe, Iceland is a perfect middle ground for the majority of speakers and attendees, and is on the bucket list of many to travel to! Iceland is a phenomenal and unique destination to explore the nature of creativity.

Find out more.

Who is speaking? 

Over 50 world-class creatives will be delivering over 150 sessions on all aspects of creativity across a multitude of disciplines and creative industries. Find out more.

What is included in the ticket price?

One ticket gives access to the entire Creativity Conference experience, including:

  • Three (full) days of inspiring, challenging, engaging, and participatory experiences and presentations  with hundreds of creatives that explore the essence of pure creativity

  • Three evenings of creative celebration

  • Special meeting spaces to connect with fellow creative minds

  • Access to the library of recorded presentations

  • Buffet lunches, teas and coffees

What about travel & accommodation?

Attendees are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the conference. We recommend that this is arranged sooner rather than later before they book up! Our friends at Iceland Travel have put together a recommended list of hotels (with discounts for Creativity Conference attendees) and more logistical information about attending in person can be found here

Who is behind The Creativity Conference?

The Creativity Conference is made possible by a world-class team of creative experts. We thought about the kind of conference we would wish to attend, and made that! Find out more.

Will Iceland be cold?

In August, the average temperature in Reykjavík is around 12.5°C (55°F). Find out more about the logistics of attending in person here.

Feel free to contact us here or at if you have any other queries.



'Creative' is not just a job title, it describes all human beings finding expression in new ideas and impactful ways to convey them to the world. To be creative is to be a changemaker - Be it by painting or parenting, trailblazing or teaching.