Delve into Ellen Zaks' philosophical considerations in her creative process

Develop an appreciation for technology's impact on creativity

Observe David Asch's method of creating digital art

Learn to allow non-judgemental openness to mysticism to guide you

Stefan Dowsing is an artist who has exhibited substantially in the UK and abroad. He has staged multi-media art events at The Tate Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Photographers' Gallery London.


He works with painting, digital art and photography. His most recent exhibition was at the Shard, London.

22 Jan

10 EST

Ellen Zaks is a widely exhibited, London born artist and performance poet. Her paintings explore the dynamism of the human body in time and space. She is fascinated by mythology and the strange world of quantum physics. Each of her practices informs the other…


“My paintings are thought-forms knit together upon the horizon of intent…my poems are photons streaming...” She has shown her paintings and performed her poetry in the UK and Spain. She also choreographed and performed in multi-media shows based on her poetry in Brighton festivals. Her art is currently on show at The Shard, London, UK.

22 Jan

12 EST

David is an Artist, Designer and Educator with a passion for all things that encompass digital creativity. He has been working with digital imagery since he first discovered computers.


Over the past 14 years, he has authored books and tutorials for magazines and online resources on the subject of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, focussing on photomontage, as well as the more traditional aspects of photographic retouching. He runs a digital art website, Twisting Pixels, which promotes and advocates digital art and artists.

24 Jan

10 EST

Gordon's esoteric and mystic journey began at a very young age. This has always been the accompaniment to his artistic vision. He has exhibited widely in the UK, and has many works in private collections. Artful in life and mystic in heart is his ethos. The balance of which is the fulcrum to endless visual landscapes which arrive spontaneously.


We are struck by the otherworldly atmosphere and lavish detail in his visual narratives and the intensity of the sitters gaze in his portraiture. Each new artwork elaborates a narrative which teaches Gordon and informs the next step. This process reaches new potential in his exhibitions and presentations. "The visceral theatre of his soul," he tells us, where sharing insight is pivotal to the artistic process. This dynamic completes the circuit of production and evolution and it's fulfilment in the awaiting audience.

22 Jan

14 EST

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