Delve into Ellen Zaks' philosophical considerations in her creative process

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Ellen Zaks

Ellen Zaks is a widely exhibited, London born artist and performance poet. Her paintings explore the dynamism of the human body in time and space. She is fascinated by mythology and the strange world of quantum physics. Each of her practices informs the other…


“My paintings are thought-forms knit together upon the horizon of intent…my poems are photons streaming...” She has shown her paintings and performed her poetry in the UK and Spain. She also choreographed and performed in multi-media shows based on her poetry in Brighton festivals. Her art is currently on show at The Shard, London, UK.

Gordon Scott

Gordon's esoteric and mystic journey began at a very young age. This has always been the accompaniment to his artistic vision. He has exhibited widely in the UK, and has many works in private collections. Artful in life and mystic in heart is his ethos. The balance of which is the fulcrum to endless visual landscapes which arrive spontaneously.


We are struck by the otherworldly atmosphere and lavish detail in his visual narratives and the intensity of the sitters gaze in his portraiture. Each new artwork elaborates a narrative which teaches Gordon and informs the next step. This process reaches new potential in his exhibitions and presentations. "The visceral theatre of his soul," he tells us, where sharing insight is pivotal to the artistic process. This dynamic completes the circuit of production and evolution and it's fulfilment in the awaiting audience.

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Richard Krueger

Richard Krueger maintains a diverse and exploratory artistic and intellectual practice, as a maker of images and objects, a curator, a community activist, and most recently, a fiction writer. His hybrid media installations and art objects have explored the manipulation of nature in the age of advanced imaging technology and genetic engineering, and have been featured in numerous venues, including SoFA Gallery at Indiana University, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, and Central Fine Arts in SoHo. His work has also been featured in the publication Human Nature, which includes the essay "Art On The Edge of Science." Other artworks were spotlighted in the international catalog Photography in The 1990s.


Krueger’s works are in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago) and the Snite Museum of Art. His curatorial projects, Digital Hybrids and Phantasmagoria: Art, Technology, and The Age of Spectacle, were commissioned by the McDonough Museum of Art and the Butler Institute of American Art, respectively. Krueger has received funding from the Indiana Arts Commission, the Ohio Arts Council, Gen America Foundation, Young Audiences corporate office, Ilford Corporation, ViaCom, and Youngstown State University. He was awarded a curatorial project from the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, which featured the multichannel film installation American Night by German artist Julian Rosefeldt. Krueger is currently writing a work of fiction.

Andrew Kavanagh

Andrew Kavanagh is a Digital Artist, Photoshop Tutor, and Photo Editor. 


“I went to art college in Boston, MA and was a Fine Art major. I then started working for art galleries and artists in NYC, then in the early 90s after taking some computer graphics courses at School of Visual Arts I fell in love with Photoshop, I then built up my portfolio and registered with creative temp agencies - which then got me in the door for various Advertising agencies doing photo compositing, retouching, and image production work. I then moved to San Francisco for the last year of the dot com boom and lived there for 4 years before moving to Los Angeles where I balance my time freelancing and running my groups on Facebook and creating my abstract, strange or surreal Digital Art - Photo Montages.”

Stefan Dowsing is a British artist who works with painting, print, video, installation, music and digital art. His paintings have been shown widely in the UK and Internationally. He has exhibited work at The Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Gallery and the Photographers\'92 Gallery, London. His painting, photography, digital & silk-screen printmaking, and installation work exist in collections including the The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Stefan studied art at Liverpool College of Art where he gained a 1st Class BA Honours Degree with a distinction from the Art History Department. He continued his studies with a Research Degree in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London, specialising in Fine Art Printmaking.

Stefan is currently working on a series of drawings, inspired by meditation, geometry and tantric art, that blur the boundaries between drawing and painting.

Stefan Dowsing