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Alberto Moreno

Alberto Moreno has received numerous awards including 7 Regional Emmys. He has also composed music scores for television and film. With a passion for music at an early age and growing up in Hollywood, he soon found himself playing in rock bands and recording in all the major studios in L.A. Creatively that wasn’t enough, so he added more tools to play with in his repertoire and went into creating television content for all the major networks. As a professional in the television and music industry for over 25 years, Alberto always searched for the secrets that made a production “a hit.” 


What was it about it that resonated with so many people wanting to see or hear it? He soon realized that music, sound, light, and moving pictures, had one thing in common - frequencies. And everything in the world was actually a frequency of vibration. His approach to his work in the entertainment industry has always been about how does it feel - is it in the groove. So what is that? How do you get there? To that groove’, swing, mojo, “The Secret”, in the flow, abundance, manifesting success thing. Alberto in this session will explore and share the knowledge he has acquired over his long career in achieving just that. How to be in the flow… in the groove.

Gold was raised in San Francisco, during the long extended hangover after hippie times in that city. His father is Beat author Herbert Gold, and his mother Melissa was a collaborator and last girlfriend of legendary concert promoter Bill Graham, and was killed with Graham in a helicopter crash. A childhood of constant change and chaos may have led Ethan to the unique way he approaches music as a balm and a life meaning-maker.


Today he lives and dreams songs, writing about half his music while asleep. Earth City will be both a much-anticipated step forward for an artist whose path has been curved by inner impulse and by fate, and a return to the essential path of his original vision. He jokes that his mission is to “make sensitivity cool again.” But we can tell he’s actually not kidding. He’s willing to be quiet enough to paint in songs the delicate details of the modern age, and willing to be strong enough to fight for the world as it could be.

John Thomas Dodson

John Thomas Dodson is an orchestra conductor, mindfulness teacher, consultant, author and speaker. He has conducted in renowned venues like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Severance Hall, Athens Megaron Concert Hall and the Hungarian State Opera House, leading concerts with orchestras in the United States, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Dodson was selected to study Buddhist Traditions in the Himalayas through a National Endowment for the Humanities program at College of the Holy Cross. He later worked with a life-long student of Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, Trungpa Rinpoche, and has attended numerous silent retreats studying meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as presented by S. N. Goenka, one of the foremost teachers of Vipassana of our time. 

Dodson participated in programs exploring Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. He authored the leadership development program “Substance of Leadership: Practicing Internal Transformation,” and he founded Blue Heron Mindfulness Living, where he coaches high-performance leaders and performers. John Thomas Dodson has presented at international conferences and led mindfulness sessions in the US, abroad, and online. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, from Siena Heights University.

Since 2011, So-So Topic has been independently writing and producing music while performing alongside today's innovators of creative culture, such as Flying Lotus, Snoop Dogg, Leon Bridges, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, and Thundercat. As the leading man of a small collective known as TeamFromNowhere (a team of creatives ranging from singers & poets to multimedia content creators), the self-taught writer/producer out of Dallas, Texas has shared his story across a colourful spectrum of settings, ranging from TED Talks to Adult Swim Fest.


After receiving multiple music placements in Augustine Frizzells' 2018 Sundance hit "Never Goin Back" and landing music in Spike Lee's Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It"(s.02), -topic is currently working along with his TeamFromNowhere co-writer/cohort Marquis "KoolQuise" Warren, producing a Dallas, TX based net series, aptly titled 'Going Nowhere Fast!'. As of June 2020, -topic has signed to AlphaPup Records(Los Angeles), with his latest studio effort, #MadMarch, arriving on all platforms in late September. (His music is available at

Alex Hummingson is a multi-awarded and critically acclaimed composer, performer, singer and writer and recording artist for Sony Music Entertainment Sweden. As a composer, Hummingson has collaborated with the likes of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Poland. She has studied musicology, music, acting, neuroscience, and history of ideas at the London Film Academy, Uppsala University and the TVI Actors Studio New York. Hummingson’s academic work includes research of female film music composers in Hollywood as well as presence - consciousness in music performance.


In 2009, Hummingson received an Everyday Hero Award from the magazine Amelia, and prior to that, an award and scholarship from the Dialog-89 Foundation for her “continuous commitment to society and her questioning of current ideals in her provocative performance art and her authorship.” Her voice acting credits include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Hummingson continues to be a highly active voice actress. Active on both sides of the Atlantic, she is moving into production roles and focusing on telling stories through creativity. Currently writing her first novel and recording new songs in the studio, Hummingson believes that expressing yourself through art is very important and if you can't express your art in one way, then find another, particularly in these times.

Jonathan Byrd is a stargazer, award-winning songwriter, poet, and live-streamer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.