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Learn how to integrate your subject's own words into their image

Robert Stacy

Robert shares his process and thoughts about the importance of marrying a subject’s own words with their pictures, so that there is a better opportunity to see them more clearly, vividly, and to offset the confirmation bias we often when viewing a photo by itself. Too often, because we are denied the subject’s voice, and only have their image, we think we know the whole story – but do we?

Using specific photos and narratives from past work, Robert will share how he stumbled upon a new way of seeing and listening which influences him not just in his creative work, but in his everyday life.

Mark Mann

Capturing a moment that feels real with a well-known personality means watching for that brief flicker of true feeling that peeks out from behind the mask, the unselfconscious laugh, the beat before the in-breath.

Mark shares anecdotes and lessons learned from capturing the inner light of some of the most extraordinary and highly celebrated personalities in the world.

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Marc Aitken

Marc Aitken has been surrounded by fashion, photographers and models for as long as he can remember. His Mother was 60’s model Pamela Portman, who ran her own model agency in London and whose circle included everyone from legendary fashion photographer Norman Parkinson to the Beatles manager Brian Epstein.


He studied theatre lighting and set design at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and a career in theatre and rock ’n roll followed during which he worked on the original Kate Bush tour and spent many years working in London’s West End Theatre industry.


More recently, he has worked with both Peter Gabriel and renowned music video director Dick Caruthers, filming artists as diverse as Rush to Usher.  In his former life he has produced events for corporate clients such as Microsoft, Rolls Royce, Disney and NASA.  Marc is a veteran of over 17 seasons at London Fashion Week, and has produced work for The Body Shop, Christopher Kane and Burberry amongst many others. His runway work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, The Times and The Guardian.


He draws Inspiration from many sources; from Italian Vogue to the films of Ridley Scott. His experience of set design, theatre lighting and film-making gives his photography a filmic and theatrical edge, allowing him to tell a story through the still image.

“I love fashion, I grew up surrounded by it. The 1960’s are a big influence on me and I am always trying to sneak a bit of that Pop Art glamour and fun into everything I do”.